Sunday, January 06, 2008


This week, a new record has been set for most expensive photo sold at auction. The artist is not Andreas Gursky but Richard "I'm gonna show those fools what appropriation art really is about" Prince. The photo sold at Sotheby's for 3,401,000$ measures 100 by 66 inches and displays a section of a Marlboro cigarette ad (not photo above).
Now..., here are 2 quotes that sums up pretty well this whole situation. First quote is by Richard Prince himself and it goes a lil something like this: "No one was looking. This was a famous campaign. If you’re going to steal something, you know, you go to the bank." The second quote is by Jim Krantz, one of the original photographer behind Richard Prince's bank robbery/work: “If I italicized ‘Moby-Dick,’ does it make it my book? I don’t know. But I don’t think so.”
Here is a non-direct link to an "interesting" 4 parts interview Vice magazine did with Richard Prince not so long ago. (Just scroll down the episode menu on the right to find part 1 to 4.