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Lost in Publications.

Lost in Publications - One of the strongest photo related website to come out in the past several years.

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Get smart.

Downloadable essays from thousands of leading intellectual references. From Berger to Rancière, get ready to get smart. www.aaaaarg.org

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Vernissage 7578, ARTVstudio, 29 Mars à 18h.

Parce que vous êtes tanné des jpgs et que vous voulez voir des grands tirages et boire du vin. Because you are fed up with jpgs and you want to see big prints and drink wine.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Never before published, Terril Jones’s view of Changan Avenue in Beijing on June 5 1989, shows “tank man”, in the distance at left, framed by two tree trunks, on the verge of his confrontation with the tanks in the distance at right.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


The World Press Photo Organization in collaboration with The Mondriaan Foundation and the VSB Foundation is launching their new online archive. Going all the way back to 1955, it includes every year's prize-winners in chronological order. Covering over 50 years of award-winning images, the archive features around 10,000 photographs, each of which has been carefully scanned and labeled. It’s a monumental project , I can’t even begin to imagine what it represent in terms of technicalities. Probably more photos than you’ll ever need but unquestionably a truly unbelievable reference for documentary photography. Photo by Malcom W. Browne, 1963.

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Persian plumes seen from the window of an instrument packed environmental assessment Convair aircraft. Photo by Sisse Brimberg, National Geographic Vol. 181, NO.2 February, 1992.

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I recently picked up a book by Sam Tata entitled A Certain Identity: 50 Portraits by Sam Tata. The book was published in 1983 by Deneau Publishers and foreworded by Geoffrey James. Sam Tata was born in Shanghai in 1911 and lived in Montreal from 1956 to 2005 where he died at the age of 93. The following portraits are, in order: Québec's playwright genius Michel Tremblay, living legend Leonard Cohen, animation pioneer Norman McLaren and the one and only Robert Frank.


Top image by Ryan Carter and bottom image by Eamon Mac Mahon. Thanks to Todd Brown for pointing this one out to me.

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A couple days ago my dear friend Benoit Aquin was awarded the first Prix Pictet. The Prix Pictet is a major new global prize in photography that focuses on perhaps the greatest single issue of the twenty-first century: sustainability. This year's thematic was water. Benoit's work entitled The Chinese Dust Bowl was selected amongst a very intimidating selection of striking series from everywhere around the globe.

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Yesterday's lecture by Mr. Ewing, entitled Jack's True Calling, was, in a nut shell, a crash course on visual literacy (v.l.) focusing on the highly calculated "candidness" of advertising photography. Having been interested in the subject of v.l. for the past couple years, I would like to respond to his lecture by showing you a fantastic piece that was brought to my attention last year by Evita Karasek. The wide open iconic June 1985 issue of the National Geographic showing the back cover and the cover next to each other. As in Mr. Ewing's Jack examples, the greatest irony and fantasy does not reside only in the striking visuals but in the small print that accompanies them...Here, the first sentence reads: "Declare your independence. Bust out. Take off."

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Internationally recognized curator and writer on photography William A. Ewing (Director of the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland) will be giving a conference tomorrow tuesday the 21st of October at 18:30h at Concordia (1515 Ste-Catherine St. West EV-1.605). You can listen to a radio interview here.

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I often foolishly think that today's reality barely justifies the need for fiction. But when reality and fiction actually meet on common ground, I have to admit that great things can happen. The work of Beijing based Lui Bolin reminds a lot of Werner Herzog's Grizzly Bear in that sense. Thanks to Scott at The Incubator for the heads up.

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In order, Jeff Wall, Sanchez brothers and Tom Stoddart.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Original Tiannenmen Square photograph by Jeff Widener vs. interesting emulation done for the QuébecKyoto coalition vs. a Lego emulation by Balakov.


Powerful new work from Afghanistan by photographer Olivier Hanigan.


As Felicia Feaster would say: "A woman with a gun defies our most ingrained notions of feminity. Women are "supposed" to be nurturing and peacable. But a woman with a gun suggests other possibilities: independance, fury, the ability to shoot a hole through your neck quicker than the reflex to bake up a plate of snickerdoodles." The selection of work presented here came naturally to me over the past couple weeks. First shot (#1)is by Georgia State University photography professor Nancy Floyd who just published a book entitled She's Got a Gun on temple University Press. As you can imagine the book is an hybrid between an academic journey into the world of females with firearms and a photography coffee table book. Second photograph (#2)is by world renowned Martin Parr. #3 is from J-A fox collection, #4 is by Benoit Aquin and is part of a much larger body of work about hunting wich parts of it will be on display in the form of a collective exhibition called Hunting at Stephen Bulger Gallery from the 27th of sept to the 25th of oct. 2008. #5 is a family photo archive courtesy of Hajra waheed, #6 is a classic Steve Mccurry head and shoulder shot, #7 is by Magnum agency member Patrick Zachmann, #8 is by Robert Capa (Budapest, October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954), #9 is an outtake from a new series called "Seven Portraits of Sergeant Veteran Caroline Annandale" by myself Guillaume Simoneau and #10, last but not least, is by canadian master Larry Towell...I know I kinda cheated on that last one but those armadillos are soooo damn cute.


This fantastic photo from Eros Hoagland published in the NewYork Times last week illustrating an article about Iraq's insurgency is straight out of a Roy Andersson movie.


Strong new book on Aperture by Michal Chelbin. Her work reminds me a lot of Van Morisson's music... I'll let you figure out why...


Big up to Phil Bicker and John Francis Peters at The Fader magazine for having such incredible photography months after months. You guys have no idea how inspiring you are to so many people on so many levels. WORD. Photo by Andrew Dosunmu.


They say ask and you shall receive, right? Well a couple weeks ago, a package came in the mail from London's Carl Freedman Gallery. A thousand thanks to the anonymous sender for this incredible present. (yes I will eventually frame it properly, I am just saving money right now)

Sunday, January 06, 2008


This week, a new record has been set for most expensive photo sold at auction. The artist is not Andreas Gursky but Richard "I'm gonna show those fools what appropriation art really is about" Prince. The photo sold at Sotheby's for 3,401,000$ measures 100 by 66 inches and displays a section of a Marlboro cigarette ad (not photo above).
Now..., here are 2 quotes that sums up pretty well this whole situation. First quote is by Richard Prince himself and it goes a lil something like this: "No one was looking. This was a famous campaign. If you’re going to steal something, you know, you go to the bank." The second quote is by Jim Krantz, one of the original photographer behind Richard Prince's bank robbery/work: “If I italicized ‘Moby-Dick,’ does it make it my book? I don’t know. But I don’t think so.”
Here is a non-direct link to an "interesting" 4 parts interview Vice magazine did with Richard Prince not so long ago. (Just scroll down the episode menu on the right to find part 1 to 4.

Friday, December 21, 2007


(Top) Queen of England by Annie Leibovitz, see interesting video about the photo shoot here. (Bottom) Queen of England by Chris Levine, see more of his work here.

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Stephen Shore (American Surfaces, Uncommon Places, Nature of Photographs) talks about spending time at the Andy Warhol's Factory.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


New work by canadian master Larry Towell for the New York Times illustrating an article entitled "Patients Without Borders".

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Here is a story about Nina Simone (yes the one and only High Priestess of Soul) in Montreal in 1980. From her biography by David Brun-Lambert (Flammarion 2005). Click on text to see a bigger *read-friendly version of the page.

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Drumskins by Patrick Tosani 1976 and Pascal Grand Maison 1998.