Thursday, March 20, 2008


As Felicia Feaster would say: "A woman with a gun defies our most ingrained notions of feminity. Women are "supposed" to be nurturing and peacable. But a woman with a gun suggests other possibilities: independance, fury, the ability to shoot a hole through your neck quicker than the reflex to bake up a plate of snickerdoodles." The selection of work presented here came naturally to me over the past couple weeks. First shot (#1)is by Georgia State University photography professor Nancy Floyd who just published a book entitled She's Got a Gun on temple University Press. As you can imagine the book is an hybrid between an academic journey into the world of females with firearms and a photography coffee table book. Second photograph (#2)is by world renowned Martin Parr. #3 is from J-A fox collection, #4 is by Benoit Aquin and is part of a much larger body of work about hunting wich parts of it will be on display in the form of a collective exhibition called Hunting at Stephen Bulger Gallery from the 27th of sept to the 25th of oct. 2008. #5 is a family photo archive courtesy of Hajra waheed, #6 is a classic Steve Mccurry head and shoulder shot, #7 is by Magnum agency member Patrick Zachmann, #8 is by Robert Capa (Budapest, October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954), #9 is an outtake from a new series called "Seven Portraits of Sergeant Veteran Caroline Annandale" by myself Guillaume Simoneau and #10, last but not least, is by canadian master Larry Towell...I know I kinda cheated on that last one but those armadillos are soooo damn cute.